Saturday, March 31, 2001

hello weak-end....
this week look forward to:
and oh yes....
sack blabbath.....

Friday, March 30, 2001

The secret is this: assume no one is looking, but assume anyone can.
despair:::::::::chicago, ill

at this very moment a coca cola truck driver has shut down the dan ryan on his daily route... he is the only vehicle on the ryan save for some coppers for a mile N & S of 79th st.......and he is threatening his own life with a pistol. folks have gathered along the side of the highway to see a man destroy himself (you can see the flashbulbs bursting from the news helicopter). he has not threatened police, bystanders or other motorists..........the highway really is his way.

i dont know this man, his motivations, lifestyle, loves, and hates....etc. i honestly think i could talk him his to him. i dont know what id say so dont ask.

the sad thing is that if he does it, hes a martyr....and if he backs down he will only be distained even more than before.....not only for not going through with the only initiative i suspect hes ever taken, but for holding up traffic on the most beautiful afternoon i can remember.
if i had the option (and i dont think i do) of putting a sound track to my day, and this page for that matter, it would be "cecilia" by simon and garfunky. it is such a gorgeous day, and all i can think of is making love in the afternoon with cecilia up in my bed room (making loooooove) i get up to wash my face, when i come back to bed someone's taken my place ooohhh ceciiiilia youre breakin my do de do doe doe...hhmmhmmhmmm. that backbeat just kills me.

innertowne w/ zeb last about the most disrespectful ignorant fucks...."wewre artsy, were in wicker park, we dont listen to a word you say and force you to spit beer at us" was a drag. so zeb and i got to toasting and it was an evening of sweet dirision (sp?).

speaking of the beatles....whipped out Abbey Road this morn:::::: i cant get over I want you (she's so Heavy)" only one vocal hook, and a loungy feel at times, but when lennon busts out the "Shes so..............HEAVY" its like he saw yoko's saturn parked in front of clapton's house and just bustin from desire....its so........heavy. seriously. and thee end of the 7:48 rant cuts dead (like the tape ran out) in the middle of the progression.....fucking heavy.

as i see it, this is supposed to be a page dedicated to my thoughts about whatever subject comes to mind……. right off the bat, i have problems with this concept. not that i dont have anything to say that might be of consequence....but the fact that this page exists presupposes that fact. this is an idea that troubles me. in order to make amends with my own ego, i will insert this here clause: you of course have the option to never look upon this page again...but if you find it interesting... then you find it interesting i guess, happy blog.
After establishing this Blog for one Michael Blogcas, I now abdicate all administrative responsibilities to his bloggy ass. At this point I retain the ability to continue to post, but once the greasy seed of power is planted in Mr. Blogcas's heart, he may strike me from his "team," thereby completing his coup of his own website. It will be bloodless, and painless like a good, healthy shit. Everyone welcome your new administrator. Hail to the Chief.

Thursday, March 29, 2001

well...there it is. hello. thank you so much for blogging me. seeing as this is my first blog, i have many folks to thank. id first like to blog my mother and father...theyve always been blog. second theres the immortal anthony blogton who has been pivotal in helping me blog my blog. id also like to thank the con artist who made me st claire, and of course my therapist bog blog. blog you blog. blog.
Welcome to your fucking blog spot!