Friday, April 27, 2001

I love spring so much...i havent even had a chance to write about it. spring always makes me consider life anew, in much the same way that slipping in the shower does. i have only seen my life flash before my eyes twice...once when i fell in front of a van doing 65mph literally just escaping death with a Shatneresque (TJ Hooker) roll to the curb. the other when i slipped and fell in the shower, coming only an inch from smashing my soft skull against the spigot (often when i shower now, i visualize my own brains washing down the moldy old drain). if youve never had your life flash before your eyes.... i wouldnt suggest trying to simulate it----> it’s nothing like the movies (though a friend of mine told me a story recently of his grandfather whose battleship was sunk by kamikaze pilots in the pacific. he floated on debris for two days before being rescued.... talk about cheating death) though, it does force some issues: namely, reflecting upon your existence....a timeout.... an opportunity to take stock of your reality and how it fits in with reality in general. for me, these sensations also emerge (though with less urgency) every spring.....more to come on this.

listening to calexico: the black light. this is a record i have enjoyed for a bit, and it never ceases to intrigue me. the tone moves from carnival sideshow to extremely dark and emotive, while never loosing the southwestern flavor that makes it unique. in my opinion, the heart and backbone of calexico are the intricate “latin” rhythms ala john convertino, which are brilliantly tracked “in the round”. This skeleton is nicely dressed by Joey Burns’ outlaw stories, urban-indy influenced guitarwork, and fantastic brass and string orchestrations in the style of the grandest spaghetti westerns ever. Please check out #9: Minas de Cobre (for better metal), #10: Over Your Shoulder , and #11: Vinegaroon, for what i would consider characteristic calexico......

check out this link to some wicked Kung-fu animation in Flash.... you'll need some headphones if youre at work....and a sub-woofer helps.... if you dont have sound, it may be a bit of a drag
Le manque d'intérêt pour blogging est une chose, mais n'admettre librement que vous avez rien à dire est d'admettre la faillite mentale: être alésé et alésage.