Monday, May 07, 2001

Tales From the Salt Mines.......... Episode 2: Standardizing Culture

Scene: One white male character sits at a table in Starbuck’s Coffee, clicking away on a laptop, coffee cup within reach. White Male #2 enters, laptop under arm, coffee in hand, and begins sitting across the table from White Male #1. Both characters dress (JCrew, Tommy, GAP) and look quite similar:

M2: What’s up, man?
M1: Word....what’s up?
M2: Word ‘em up!
(M2 sits and hooks up laptop and begins typing away in same posture and manner as M1)
M2: What’s your poison, man?
M1: Soy vanilla steamer...or half-caff mocha frappachino.
M2: Word booty! I’m half-caff vanilla steamer, or soy mocha frappachino.
M1: Word...
M2: Bird is the Word!
M1: Word ‘em up, boieeee.
(Silence.... but typing continues)
M2: You working on that marketing assignment?
M1: Word Booty, Money... you?
M2: Word up...
M1: I’ll e-mail mine to you...
M1: okay?
M2: (Looks confused) Word.......Perfect?
M1: uuuuhhhhhhhh...... or how about Word?
M2: Word!!!!
M1: Word!!!

Narrator: Microsoft Network and Microsoft Word!!!! We’ve got a monopoly on culture.....ooops!....communication!!!!!